Health Treasures: Delicious Salads in Athens Restaurants


Athens is a city of history, culture and, of course, exquisite cuisine. If you are a fan of fresh and delicious salads, Athens will welcome you with its gastronomic treasures. In this article we will take you on a culinary journey through four of the best restaurants in Athens, where you can enjoy the real treasures of health – delicious salads.


Migniardise restaurant is known for its unique menu and careful attention to each dish. Their Vegetable Harmony Salad is a true creation of culinary art. Juicy vegetables, mix of greens and original sauces create a unique flavor bouquet that fascinates with freshness and naturalness.


Avocado is a place where salads become true works of art. Their Sweet Avocado Salad combines fresh lettuce leaves with creamy avocado, caramelized nuts, and a flavorful honey dressing. In this salad, the sweetness and slightly spicy note complement each other perfectly, creating a unique flavor experience.

I Kriti

I Kriti is a corner of Crete in the heart of Athens, where guests are treated to a true culinary journey. Their Mediterranean Treasures salad is a combination of fresh vegetables, flavorful olive oil and authentic Greek cheese. In this salad, you will experience the full splendor of Mediterranean cuisine.

Thes “Greek Creative Cuisine”

Thes “Greek Creative Cuisine” is where gastronomy meets creativity. Their Greek Improvisation salad is a true culinary masterpiece. The combination of Greek herbs, fresh vegetables and unusual sauces creates a unique aroma and taste that will stay in your memory forever.

These four restaurants in Athens offer delicious salads that will not only brighten up your table, but also energize and delight you. From traditional Greek combinations to bold culinary experiments, each restaurant offers its own unique version of salads that will delight even the most sophisticated gourmets. Try these sumptuous dishes and savor moments of Athens’ true culinary heritage.