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The Cairo Grill is a restaurant located in the fashionable and trendy shopping area of Giza. This great city is an important hub for the people of Egypt as it provides them with all the necessary facilities including transport facilities, education center, healthcare and business. The place offers excellent accommodation facilities too. You can even cook delicious food at the Cairo Grill conveniently. Tourists from all over the world throng to this wonderful place to enjoy some great dining.

The Cairo Grill was established in 1994 by Ali Goma. Now this restaurant is renowned throughout the world as a fine dining and bar service provider. Every guest has the option of enjoying some world-class Egyptian delicacies along with western or regional wines. The Cairo Grill offers a very large number of specialties ranging from finger and budget buffets, salads to specialty dishes and wine tasting.

The Cairo Grill was established with a vision of serving the guests with the best of both cuisines. There are several guestrooms and eateries available which can make your stay comfortable and memorable. There is no limit to the amount of fun you can have here and so the options are unlimited as well.

The main areas where you will find the Cairo Grill are Boatyard, Giza’s old town and the harbour. There are boats coming to your location regularly. You can have a pleasant and memorable experience sitting on the porches watching the trawls of carp and waiting for your guest. There is no question that this is one of the most beautiful spots in Egypt.

There are several good restaurants, which are located close to the Cairo Grill. Most of these restaurants have the Mediterranean ambiance with Mediterranean menus. This is also accompanied with world class wines. These restaurants are well planned with the provision of air con so you can have a nice cool atmosphere in addition to the pleasant surroundings. There are other well-planned cafes and bistros that can be visited as well to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine.

The Cairo Grill has an all-time high customer turnover. Every time tourists visit Cairo they return in large numbers because they are very important destinations. The magnificent monuments and cathedrals as well as the vast area of ancient buildings add to its charm. There is no limit to what you can do or see at this amazing location. With everything arranged in such a way that every guest can enjoy himself, this makes Cairo an unforgettable experience.

The Cairo Grill serves continental, South African as well as Indian cuisines. They offer the most exquisite food from all over the world. It is extremely popular because of the convenience it offers. You can simply sit in the sea and enjoy the scenery.

The Cairo Grill even provides some extra facilities to their customers. If you want to have a tour in Egypt, the Cairo Grill can arrange it for you along with several other tour packages. The most important part of the tour is of course visiting the famous pyramids which are considered to be the Seven Wonders of the World. As a result, the Cairo Grill makes its guests feel like royalties. It has been a great success ever since it began operation.

The Cairo Grill is one of the best places for a family outing. For kids they provide with some great learning activities and for adults there is the opportunity to spend some quality time with friends. You can arrange a game with your guests or just sit down together. During the hot summers the Cairo Grill proves to be an enjoyable place to be.

A visit to the Cairo Grill is a memorable experience for all Egyptians. For many tourists a visit to Egypt means the chance to spend quality time with friends and family. There are many hotels in Cairo, which provide comfortable accommodation to their guests. This may not be possible if you opt for the Cairo Grill.

All in all, the Cairo Grill is a perfect place for both locals and foreign guests. The staff is friendly and provides them with excellent service. In spite of this the cost of the Cairo Grill remains low. It must be noted that it is more convenient to use the Cairo Grill instead of the hotels. When it comes to safety, this is another point which outweighs its price. To all intents and purposes the Cairo Grill is a great place to eat.